Nursery & After-school care

We have created an offer that accommodates the needs of the whole family and see ourselves as a partner to parents.


We are a bilingual (German / English) childcare facility in Effretikon, with a Daycare (Kita) and an After-school care center.

Outdoor learning

The purpose of the “Forest Project” is to enable the children to experience and understand nature, which promotes their own creativity and imaginative thinking.

Opening hours

7:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
51 weeks a year
(Annual company vacation: December 24 – January 2). Pick-up and transport service upon request.

Pedagogical method

We offer you relationships, establish trust,
a sense of security and well-being.

Daycare and After-school care

Our aim is to nurture the children in their development and prepare them for kindergarten, as well as to assist them as they continue their education. We professionally implement child-oriented developmental guidance (support) and bilingualism.

"Trees need roots, every child knows that. And a small tree can grow and thrive better when its roots are strong enough to anchor itself firmly in the ground and absorb its nutrients. Only when a small tree succeeds in developing deep roots, will it later be able to withstand wind and weather, and even storms." Dr. Karl Gebauer

Current news & Updates

Discover the latest tips, events, recipes and creative ideas in the Hands for Kids Nursery & After-school care blog.

Our reviews

Dolly L. Illnau

I did not expect my daughter to accept so easily to attend courses at Hands-On Kids, since it was a new environment for her and without knowing any English. My warmest congratulations to the teachers who have embraced my child and have shown affection and love.

Caroline L. Effretikon

Both my son and my daughter enjoyed attending nursery and preschool at Hands-On Kids very much. They remember well all the fun indoor and outdoor activities they took part in, as well as the many handicrafts they would bring home. HOK was an excellent support for their bilingual upbringing as it provided them with the opportunity to use English outside the home. I very much appreciated the friendly, caring and warm approach shown by all the professional staff at HOK towards the children. So I can highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to offer his/her children a great start to their education in a bilingual setting.

Preethi L. Effretikon

Hands-on Kids is very caring, like a second home to my child. The staff is very friendly and always there to help you.

Britta H-D. Lindau

We really like the family atmosphere and the flexibility of the childcare times (for irregular, extraordinary appointments). Creativity is also very important! The children are stimulated every day by the many craft ideas. The craft sequences always generate creative ideas. We still have some HOK handicrafts hanging in our house today. We still think HOK is great and are happy to have chosen your daycare center!

Karin A. Winterthur

We were extremely satisfied with HOK. Our children always enjoyed going to the nursery and we were always happy to welcome them back in the evening. At first we were unsure whether it was right to send the children to a bilingual daycare center (Swiss German is spoken at home). For the children, however, the language doesn't matter at all and they understand English without any problems. We particularly liked the professional and loving care of our children, the varied program, the stability of the caregivers (no staff changes in 3 years) and the customer orientation. If we wanted to swap a day at the nursery, it was almost always possible. Even when the children were ill, we were able to compensate for these days. The HOK leaders spare no effort and organize fantastic, themed programmes, including great summer parties and Halloween parties. The food is freshly prepared in our own kitchen. The HOK also have a "Pünte" nearby where they take the kids to plant and harvest their own crops.

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