We pursue a common goal of nurturing the children’s age-appropriate verbal, social and emotional abilities.

: Pedagogy

Ensuring that your child feels comfortable with us is the Foundation of our work.

To be able to offer the children entrusted to us a place of security, to play, discover and develop, we at “Hands for Kids Daycare & After-school care center” all work hand in hand. We pursue a common goal of nurturing the children’s age-appropriate verbal, social and emotional abilities.
We support the children in their individual development processes. We establish relationships and a secure environment for the children. This promotes a sense of well-being and trust.

We are lucky to have the Hackenberg forest in our immediate vicinity. We just have to cross the road and we are already there. The forest and nature give the children the opportunity to have a great time. To play and move around in an open space without boundaries. They can express their creativity freely. Because it's good to play without prefabricated play materials. The children can build something themselves using sticks and natural materials. A tent, a dam, a bed of leaves. They begin to develop their own ideas for games and communicate with the other children. Walking over sticks and stones develops many gross motor skills, such as the awareness of balance. The fresh air in the forest and the lush green trees have been proven to help combat stress and anxiety. It is also nice to observe the changes in nature and the animals that can be found in it with the children. In this way, they feel integrated into nature and learn that they too are a part of it.

There are also large wooden tubs right outside our building for growing fruits and vegetables. The children can help us grow small seeds in the spring, which we then plant in our garden.. In this way, the children can get fully involved with nature and learn to respect and understand the environment and other living creatures. We teach them how valuable nature is and how important it is to treat it well. Nature is worth protecting because it gives us everything we need to live, and we should live in symbiosis with it. From seed to fruit, we look at the development of food to heighten children's appreciation of food. You can find out how difficult it is to grow fruit and vegetables yourself in our own small garden. The loving care and continuous nurturing of plants and crops teaches the children how fragile the balance of a plant and the environment is and how much care and work it takes to grow a plant. This teaches the children to have respect for nature and to take responsibility.

We also have our own playground and the large Mossburg playground with local recreation area and the Moosburg Ruins right around the corner. There is also a football pitch, a public soccer field and lots of walking opportunities away from the main road. So we have plenty of opportunities to give free rein to the children's eagerness to move every day.

In our Nursery, your child may be exposed to a foreign language for the first time. But don't worry. Your child will integrate well with us, even without previous experience of English. We introduce children to foreign languages through activities that are accompanied by language in everyday life. This is done without pressure or stress. It is important to encourage the children to think for themselves so that they become curious, ask questions, and thus use the new language. The new vocabulary is taught by discussing funny picture cards and picture books. We sing songs, play finger games, and recite rhymes. The language is used in everyday situations through exchanges with the caregivers and other children. There is also musical accompaniment to routine activities such as tidying up, washing hands, and eating. The child's brain is like a sponge and absorbs language subconsciously. Children often understand the basic content in another language very quickly. Friendships that develop in the group with other children stimulate the desire to communicate in the foreign language. Our bilingual program is not only suitable for newcomers but also for native speakers.

Language support is also very important to us for children who do not yet speak German. We assist these children in acquiring the German language by naming things correctly and explaining our actions verbally. We give the children time and space to express themselves and their opinions in their own way. We are aware of our responsibility as role models in the use of words and act accordingly. Rhymes, songs, stories, and role-playing games offer a variety of opportunities to support the children in their language development and to promote the joy of language. We integrate non-native-speaking children and promote their understanding of the language - for an easier start to kindergarten. We offer a German-language program for children who are already raised multilingually and want to integrate smoothly into the Swiss school system. We therefore recommend that children who are about to start kindergarten to attend the German group. Here, children are effectively prepared for kindergarten and can therefore settle into kindergarten more easily. Of course, this group is also suitable for German-speaking children. We actively support language acquisition and promote language comprehension. This makes it possible for all children, regardless of which mother tongue they speak and understand, to settle into our Daycare quickly.

The Hands for Kids daycare center uses the Berlin model for a gentle and trusting acclimatization of the children. It takes time to get used to something new and to feel comfortable with it. The settling-in period is therefore very important for the child, the parents and the caregivers. This should be as gentle as possible. As a rule, the acclimatization period lasts 6 days, spread over 2 weeks and begins on an hourly basis. Die Dauer der Eingewöhnungszeit richtet sich nach dem Verhalten des Kindes und kann somit auch individuell angepasst werden. Every child has different needs, habits, relationships, preferences and feelings. We want to do justice to this. Your child should feel comfortable and secure with us. That is our ultimate goal.

We provide care for our babies and toddlers in two mixed-age groups, as we have recognized that both the older children and the younger ones benefit greatly from each other. Babies need role models to learn from and older children develop more empathy, a sense of responsibility and social commitment when interacting with babies. Age-appropriate activities are carried out in a playful way in which all children can participate. Promoting development and teaching independence plays a major role here.

We have set up our rooms specifically for the various needs of our children. We offer the children a movement room, a quiet/relaxation area, a music corner, a Montessori corner, a creative area, a play area and much more. The rooms are being redecorated at regular intervals and incorporate the children's current projects by displaying their creations and artworks.
Of course, we also go outside. Our own playground, the schoolyard for bobby car rides, the small garden, the forest, the football pitch, Moosburg recreation area and the Moosburg playground are all just a few steps away.

We prepare our meals fresh every day. The children are also allowed to help us with this. They always contain seasonal vegetables and fruits. The side dishes are rotated daily. Meat, fish, and vegetarian dishes are alternated weekly. The weekly menu plans developed for this purpose are displayed for all to see on the parents' information wall and are repeated every 8 weeks. As examples, we ensure clear table rules and encourage a calm and pleasant atmosphere at the table. Eating meals together allows the children to experience community and exchange ideas with each other and with adults. It should take place in a relaxed atmosphere and allow the child to experience that eating can be enjoyable and pleasurable. They should be able to gain a variety of sensory experiences and expand their independence. We value a healthy diet with plenty of regional and seasonal food. But your child doesn't like vegetables? That's okay. We want to make the children curious to try different dishes, but each child decides for themselves what and how much they want to eat.

We consider religious beliefs and dietary requirements as much as possible. However, please bring your own allergen-free food. Food intolerances and allergies are of course treated with the utmost care. Please let us know these important details during the settling-in process.

We also pay special attention to the diet of our youngest children. We offer seasonal vegetable and fruit porridges. These can also be partially enriched with cereal and milk supplements that you as parents have provided. We prepare the baby food fresh. Do you still give breast milk or bottle powder? You are welcome to bring these along.

The most important thing for us is the safety of the children and work hygiene, which is ensured by our employees: With clearly defined procedures and safety precautions, we are prepared to react quickly and safely in a potential or actual emergency situation (accident, fire, etc.). An emergency first-aid kit is always readily available.
We comply with food regulations and work in a clean manner with food, equipment, and premises. The quality of hygiene and safety is guaranteed based on administrative and cleaning plans.
● Fire extinguishers
● Socket protection
● Fall protection for Play equipment

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