The relationship with the child is the foundation on which we build.

: Our philosophy

We see the relationship with the child as a central point in our daily work.

We see respecting children’s individuality and promoting their strengths as the way to achieve our goal.

So that the children entrusted to us can fully develop their abilities, we actively support them in their individual educational process and encourage them in all important areas. We also give them the freedom to actively influence their educational process and respond sensitively to the interests and strengths of each individual child. Our view of humanity is therefore resource-oriented.

Our staff consists of long-term employees. We are a well-rehearsed team and therefore give the children stability and a feeling of continuity. We ensure that we treat each other respectfully and honestly. The children feel this too. To ensure that the child feels comfortable and secure with us, they are looked after by a 3-V caregiver. This means reliable, familiar and available. For us, the focus is on the child and his or her individual needs and interests. The caregivers perceive these, interpret them and respond appropriately.

We provide the children with security and structure through a pleasant and familiar atmosphere. Daily recurring rituals in the daily routine help the children to orientate themselves in everyday life. The program can also be adapted to the children's individual needs and topics, so that every day retains a certain magic and versatility. The topics determined by the group leaders change monthly. They are processed comprehensively and extensively and are intended to be grasped by the children with all their senses. Depending on the theme, there will be crafts, singing, reading, theater acting and painting. We also run excursions with the children based on certain themes.

For us, this means that every child has the opportunity to actively participate in everyday life. This promotes community spirit and a feeling of participation. Effectiveness is the key term. You can have a say in activities, help with cooking and baking, and fulfill your duties. They are used as great helpers, for example by helping the little ones get dressed. We encourage children in their actions and support them on their way to new skills.

In order for the children to feel comfortable at Hands for Kids Nursery & After-school Care, it is important that the parents are also familiar and satisfied with us. That's why honest and transparent cooperation with parents is very important to us. We view parents as experts on their children and take their needs seriously. If you have any questions or uncertainties, we are available to provide advice and support. Communication between parents and caregivers is very important and is based on mutual goodwill and respect. Parents and carers are important people in the child's life; good cooperation is for the child's benefit and has an influence on the experience and well-being of the entire daycare period. Parents can get to know our institution. During a tour, when getting used to it, as well as at parents' evenings, excursions or various events such as our summer party. They can also register later for spontaneous visits or for an educational parent-teacher meeting. This not only creates closer contact with the carers, but also with the parents and families.

We want to give parents the confidence that their child(ren) are in a safe place. However, parents should know that the children also need the distance from their parents so that they can find a place in the group and develop there.

Our team consists of long-standing, well-trained employees. A harmonious working atmosphere is very important to us. Our cooperation is based on mutual goodwill and appreciation for one another. Regular discussions and exchange within the team are part of our work. Further training and additional courses take place regularly. Employees are given space and time to reflect on educational activities. This should be a learning platform for the person involved, as well as for learners, interns and other employees. New goals and projects can emerge from reflection. Activities and excursions with the children are planned based on the monthly themes. Every six months, the carers also create an observation form for each child, which serves as the basis for parent-teacher discussions.

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